Driving tips

6-Steps into entering more safely into traffic

Turn your head to look over your right shoulder and check through the backseat rear-window for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and other vehicles that may become a hazard
use your vehicle's interior rearview mirror to help keep an eye on hazards behind your vehicle
signal your intentions to move from your parking space into traffic
check your vehicle's side view mirrors, especially on the driver's side, for approaching vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, in-line skaters, motorcyclists, and other highway users 
turn your head to look over your left shoulder out through the backseat rear-window, and begin to slowly drive forward, making sure you can enter traffic without hitting the vehicle parked ahead
again turn your head and look over your left shoulder to re-check through the backseat rear-window, pull out into the traffic lane only when it is safe to do so

New Laws for Young Drivers - Link

Increase in the number of supervised driving hours before scheduling a road test from 20 to 50 hours, which includes 15 hours of driving after sunset.

Reduction from two to one the number of non-family passengers under age 21 riding in a motor vehicle operated by a junior license holder when not accompanied by a licensed parent or guardian.

Junior Learner Permit limitations and Rules - Link

Young Drivers - Certificate of Supervised Driving Form MV-262

Road Test sites - Link

Queens Locations:

Cunningham Park
Hollis Hills Terr. Between 73 Ave. and Union Tpke Face 73 Ave.
Fresh Meadows
On 58 Ave. - Between Underhill Ave. and 192 Street - Face Underhill at Corner.
On 115 Ave. - Between Van Wyck Blvd. And 140 Street. - Face 140 Street. At corner.
Kissena Park
Kissena Park at 164th Street between Underhill Avenue and Booth Memorial Avenue. Cars should line up facing Underhill Avenue.
Francis Lewis Blvd. - Between 220 St. & 222 St. Face 222 St. at corner.